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Prep Guide: Cake Smash

You have made it! The first year around the sun with your newest bundle of joy! And you have booked a cake smash as well. Now what? No need to worry, here's a comprehensive list to ensure that all that icing stays contained, that your car is saved from being covered in icing, and most importantly, your bub is happy and we capture those super cute images!

Things to bring for Baby

  • Cake! - I usually advise parents to order a plain white cake in advance from super store - it's easy, simple and costs under $15! You can put a topper on if you like, or not... it's your call.

  • Spare clothes to go home with

  • A BIG towel - think beach towel

  • Lots of baby wipes

  • Favourite tunes/shows (if we ever have to resort to technology)

  • Soother/pacifier if baby uses one

  • Formula or Breast milk in case baby needs a break

  • Soap - if your baby uses a specific kind of bath soap

Things to pack for parents - Yes, you need stuff too!

What not to do:

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