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Prep Guide: Family Sessions

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

So… you have booked your session and super excited for your shoot. So am I! Just remember that the effort you put into the photoshoot prior to the shoot will be directly proportional to how the finished images will be.


· Wear Coordinating clothes, not Matching

· Light, pastel colours always look fresh for spring and summer photos.

· Deep hues (but with colour) look amazing for Winter and Fall months.

· Iron or Steam your outfits – this is key!


· Accessories such as hair bows, glittery tights and belts (men too) can make or break an outfit. Make sure your accessories flow through. Maybe the daughter’s shoes can pick up from the Dad’s shirt, or the son’s puffer vest can be the same colour as the mom’s scarf.


· Whether your shoot is indoor or outdoor, always plan your shoes! Sometimes, in an indoor shoot, you may find that a full body look is necessary, and if you have no shoes on, it will look sloppy.


· Poses may zoom in on hands, feet, or eyes. Please ensure that children’s nails are trimmed, and you are well groomed for the shoot.


· This is especially true for fall and winter shoots, but can be applicable throughout the years. Kids can’t/won’t tell you always if their nose is snotty. Please be prepared with wet wipes, some face cream and lip balm. And do a once-over right before the shoot.


· Men, especially tend to have full pockets, and I often don’t realize until I’m at the editing stage that their pockets were bulky. Please completely empty your pockets before your photoshoot and put them somewhere safe.

I think this has covered off most of the issues that we encounter in a shoot. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask! I am happy to provide examples of sample outfits, or give you a consultation on outfits.

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