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About me...

When my husband and I moved to Ajax in 2011, little did we know that we were going to fall in love with the region and make this our forever home. Now, 10 years on, and 2 kids later, we can't imagine a better place to call home. 

As a mom of two, I understand how important making family memories is. Infact, I realized quickly that as a mom, I was spending all  my time behind the camera and not in front of the camera, participating in the memories we were making. That was how Two Lucky Charms Photography was conceived! 

With children in the fore front, I offer families in Ajax, Durham Region, and the GTA the opportunity to be photographed in their style, in a way that speaks most authentically to you. 

I love meeting all my #TLCPfamilies and I can't wait to make some memories with you! 

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